What Is Life? | Definition Of Death


Isn’t it funny? That right after we’re born, we are carrying the curse of death. Right after we leave our mothers womb, then make our first cry; reality is we all die.

For so many centuries had passed, scientists all over the world are spending most of their time unlocking the mysteries of life. They spend a lot of time researching and experimenting to achieve what we call, “perfect life” or more accurately, “perfect being.” 

But, not even a single person was able to bypass the code. We try to grasp and comprehend that things are perfect simply because of the moment that we are happy, and that’s fine. It’s really fine to be happy, to find perfection so we can live a life without worries and stress. After all, we are human beings whom we do not know when and how to be contented.

We all strive to live a life full of joy and love and yet we still have those moments we feel pain and sadness. And as a person, we say to ourselves that it’s okay, it’s part of being alive. The pain is part of us and a sign that we are still here breathing. 

But what if, everything crashes? All comes down to what we do not want and we know, “ending.” Right now, we are in the midst of suffering because of the coronavirus, spreading and infecting millions of people across the globe. And yet, some people still have the audacity to be selfish, spreading fake news and worse is, taking this situation as a joke.

A person’s mind is limitless, let your brain learn new things and it will open a wide range of capabilities for your advantage, the same goes for stupidity. 

So, the question is; “How far does a human stupidity will take us?”

Things happening right now is not to cause panic and chaos but it is a warning for all of us. And we should change our views, not just a person but a human with honor, dignity and respect. For we only have one LIFE, and one WORLD.

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