How To Bake Your Own Homemade Cake Without Oven?

Staying at home, doing the same routine everyday, will literally bore you eventually. And, in some point it will make you feel empty and depress especially for people who constantly overthink things.

But, not anymore. I will help you use your heads, unlock your creativity and start using your imagination to create daily tasks more enjoyable.

Now, to put sweetness in your “bitter” life (only if you’re broken hearted.) I will introduce you to my good friend “DOM” with his recipe. You can create your own cake at your own leisure, with easy steps, easy ingredients and with little or no cost at all. 

5 Things You Need
  1. Fudgee Bar
  2. All Purpose  Cream
  3. Condensed Milk
  4. Bowl
  5. Container (Tupperware)
3 Ingredients
  1. Fudgee Bar
  2. 1 All Purpose Cream
  3. 1 Alaska ondensed Milk (Any will do as long as it’s condensed milk.)
  1. Take the fugdee bar out of the plastic.
  2. Slice the fudgee bar in half.
  3. Get your bowl 🍲.
  4. Pour in the all purpose cream.
  5. Pour half of condensed milk into the bowl. 
  6. Mixed the all purpose cream and condensed milk together until its a bit soggy.
  7. Get your container. (Any will do, if you want a bigger cake then it’s up to you. Just don’t lose the Tupperware or your mom will kill you.) 
  8. Put the sliced half fudgee bar and arrange it in timely manner. 
  9. Pour in the mixed all purpose cream and condensed milk into the container.
  10. If you still got few fugdee bars, crashed it to turn in to crumbs.
  11. Add the crumbs inside the container then bwala! You’re done!
  12. Last thing you need to do is put it inside the fridge for 5hrs and wait. 

After 5hrs of waiting, you have now your own homemade cake.

Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love in terms of baking and cooking. Use your imagination and use it for your advantage to make your way, a better day.

Check out DOMs Youtube Channel.

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