The World Today With Coronavirus

At the very start of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China, I already suspected this will cause a huge problem across the globe especially the economy. I was so sure the virus has already began spreading to different places and countries before the lockdown in Wuhan was placed.

Now, I am not saying I am blaming the Chinese people for what happened, no one expected this much that it would cause a huge mess. 

I know I am a bad person for saying this but I always wished like this would happen. But, I’ve got my reasons and what is it? “It is only when we are in a serious situation we try to change. It is only when we realize we need to change when it is already too late.” As saying goes, “Nasa huli ang pagsisisi.” 

A person’s personality can be changed when you put them into a tight spot and corner them, that’s interrogation 101.

Now, going back to the topic at hand. Right now, there’s nothing more we can do while we wait for a vaccine to be created. ECQ are placed all over the streets and communities with bigger population in hopes of suppressing the virus. 

But, now General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) will be implemented on different places in the Philippines starting on May 16. And I don’t think this is a bad idea at all. We need to move forward because if we don’t, economy will collapse, a lot of people will go starve, many business will go bankrupt and a lot of people will lose their jobs. 

The Philippine Government can’t keep up especially in providing the people with their daily needs. In addition to that, some local officials are hoarding the money which is supposed to be given to those who are really in need of help. 

True, we haven’t flatten the curved yet. And, the positive cases are still rising up everyday. Rapid mass testing are happening in different places in the Philippines, but this still won’t be enough. 

I know this current situation has given us a very hard time. I know for a fact, after all this; there will be a lot of changes. But, that isn’t a reason for us to live in fear. Let us try to be grateful in this times of suffering. Always remember, “there is always rainbow after the rain.” 

How does the current situation affected a person’s life? I’d say some are suffering, some are don’t. Some are grateful, some are not. Some are scared, some are brave. And, some are living, some they don’t. It only comes down to one fact we are all human beings with different emotions, views and opinions. So, try not to complain so much, live the life you have at this moment. 

Be Strong | Be Brave 


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