The Division Of Classes

I had a dream before. A dream where we are all divided in to three different classes by using walls or borders.

A dream where poor classes are being milked from their hard earned money by taxes.

A dream where middle classes has to work 9-14 hours everyday just to get more taxed. A tax from their income, burial, healthcare, insurance and the list goes on.

A dream where rich classes and royalties are living their best life in a place protected by borders. A paradise protected by middle class soldiers. And, an oasis built by poor class workers.

This is just a mere dream I hope not to come true. But, reality is cruel this is all happening across the globe. Human ethics became inhuman. People killing animals (we do need to survive as nature allows it) but doing so without a reason and just for fun is pure bullsh*t.

All of this are happening because of poverty, the discrimination and division of different classes. Laws and taxes that are only in favor for wealthy men. Passed laws by this so called, “politically wise men” that we voted, only to get our sh*ts get screwed.

Democracy is freedom, and its everyone’s right to have it. But, even so there are still few people with power, who has the money will continue to exploit other people by their evil doings for their own interests.

For decades and centuries, human species had witnessed a lot of war. Countries waging wars and terrorists waging conflicts amongst its men, women and children.

An argument will start with different views, and opinions. A conflict will start by a single mistake. And, a war will start by a single person leading a country with incompetent idiocy mindset. A leader elected by its people in hopes of making their lives better.

“There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.” – The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

As of today, discrimination is everywhere. No matter what race, ethnic and religion you are in, every people has always something to say either good or bad.

Racism? It is more infectious than the virus we are currently facing. Mentality? As strong as a person with willed mindset, we will still crumble to pieces because as easy as it sounds just to be strong, sand will always be vulnerable even if you turn it into a fine glass.

Now, what would be the kind of future do you want? A future full of conflicts? Or, a future where social class is no longer a norm nor a basis to discriminate people with haves and not? Take your pick.

All lives matter, either you’re black, asian, white, and even animals; everyone matters. After all, we are all just a walking glass, vulnerable and fragile, formed from the finest sands of time.

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