ONSPOT is a leading website in the Philippines with 150,000 impressions, and 80,000 organic search. It’s inner goal is to bring awareness to the people that life has more to offer despite all of the mess.

It hopes to promote not limited solely in Philippines but also across different countries, giving you a wide options of places to go. After all, to travel is what we all want.

If all you do is sulk in a corner without taking any risks, your life must be so boring. Think about it, a life without problems is easy, but boring, don’t you think? You must be asking what purpose do you serve of your existence in this world. I say, your sole purpose is to have fun, enjoy your own adventure and make the most of your time count. As they said, “it’s the thought that counts”.


Please bear in mind ONSPOT isn’t affiliated with any travel companies or societies. If you wish to collaborate/promote any products or services, email me through @onspot.ph.blog@gmail.com

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