Top 10 Cebu Tourist Destinations

Cebu is known for “Queen City of The South” and one of the holy treasures in terms of top places to travel in the Philippines, with its beauty, white sand beaches, falls, and many tourist destinations. It will surely leave you in awe.

Find out what are these TOP 10 CEBU TOURIST DESTINATIONS.

1. Kinatarcan Island

Location: Sta. Fe Bantayan Cebu

How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ Take a bus from North Bus Terminal to Daanbantayan Proper – Php240.00

➡️ Tricycle from Daanbantayan Market/Terminal to Sea Port – Php10.00

➡️ Charter a boat going to Kinatarkan and back to Daanbantayan – Php100.00 – Cut off trip 12pm – Earliest time 7am

➡️ Registration fee at Barangay Hall – Php50.00

➡️ If you want to explore the island using motorcycle (habal-habal) – Php150.00 – Php250.00/head (still depends on how many places you wanna visit)

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2. Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden

Location: Brgy. Malubog Cebu

How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ From JY Square Mall Lahug, take a motorcycle (habal-habal) Php100.00/head

➡️ Entrance fee Php100.00

➡️ Tent Php100.00 (24hrs) you can bring your own tent though.

➡️ Sheds Php200.00 (24hrs) -The pool is open 24hrs

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3. La Vue Cabine

Location: Sitio Babag 2, Brgy. Pangamihan, Toledo City

How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ Ayala Center Mall V-hire Terminal to Cantipla Corner Transcentral Highway – Drop off (Strawberry de Cantipla eco Farm or Unplug) – Php150.00

➡️ Take a motorcycle (habal-habal) from Cantipla to La Vue Cabine – Php60.00 – Php80.00

Should you wish to make an inquiry, please visit their Facebook Page.

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4. Lambug White Beach

Location: Badian, CebuBrgy. Lambug, Badian (3hrs away from Cebu City)


How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ From the South Bus Terminal to Badian – Php140.00 – Drop off point, Lungsod of Lambug Badian. – Travel time, 3 hours.

➡️ From Lungsod of Lambug Badian, ride a tricycle going to Lambug Beach – Php30.00/ head. – Travel time, 20-30 min.


➡️ Tent charge – Php50.00/head on weekdays, Php150.00/head on weekends (bring your own tent)

➡️ Cottage – Php500.00/day

➡️ Bus fare – Php140.00/head

➡️ Tricycle – Php30.00/head

If you brought your own car or motorcycle, there’s a parking fee but very minimal.

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5. Sirao Flower Garden | Amsterdam of Cebu

Location: Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City

How to get there? How much does it cost?
If by motorbike:

➡️ From J.Y. Square Mall, take a motorcycle (habal-habal) – Php100.00/head – Travel time, 30-45mins

If by van:

➡️ From the Ayala Cebu PUV Terminal – Php50.00/head – Ask the driver to drop you off near Sirao Flower Garden – Ride a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the flower garden (it may take time to find one from this point) – Php20.00 – Php30.00/head

➡️ Entrance fee – Php50.00 – Php100.00/head – Operating hours: 6AM to 6:30PM

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6. Bantayan Island, Cebu
How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ From North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Port- Php160.00

➡️ Barge fare – Php185.00

➡️ Terminal fee – Php10.00 – Php20.00

➡️ Ecological fee (once you entered in Santa Fe Port) – Php30.00

There are a lot of places to go around in Bantayan Island. But, as you can see the cost of the trip going there is very cheap. So, it won’t hurt your pocket taking a small adventure to Bantayan.

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7. Malapascua Island
How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ From North Bus Terminal to New Maya Port – Php10.00 – Travel time, 4hrs

➡️ You can take a hike going to the port or take a motorcycle – Php20.00/head

➡️ Boat fare – Php100.00/head – Travel time, 45 mins – If it’s low tide, the boat can’t dock near the shore so you will be transferred by a small boat – Php20.00/head – Boat trips, from 6:30AM – 4:30PM

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8. Oslob WHALE SHARK Cebu

Oslob is one of The top 10 tourist spots in Cebu, and most visited by tourists because of the infamous whale shark.

It’s a place flocked by tourists every now and then due to its diving spots that makes Oslob one of the top destinations in Cebu. Going on a trip to Oslob can be a little bit expensive but it’s gonna be worth it.

You shouldn’t worry though if you’re thinking of staying for the night at Oslob, there are plenty of places to stay that is perfect for your budget.

Find out more at Oslob Tours

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Location: Magay, Compostela, Cebu City (30 mins. away from Cebu City)

Need to cool off or just want to take a swim? They got a swimming pool over 600 square meters in size and has plenty of room.

They also have a children’s playground for little adventures and a large covered outdoor facility as well as an indoor area with aircon. It also has a large pond for water adventures and plenty of fish to catch.

It is a new built nature park perfect for any occasions such as parties, birthday, debut, wedding, team building, etc. They’ve got plenty of rooms perfect for families or groupies.

Unfortunately, they aren’t open yet and their opening date is still unknown at this time due to the virus and the policies set to keep everyone safe.If you wish to make some inquiries, please go to their Facebook Page.

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10. Blue Hole

Location: San Juan, Tuburan, Cebu (2hrs away from Cebu City)

If you’re a nature lover and want some piece of it. Blue hole in Tuburan is the perfect place for you. A place for your family and friends while enjoying the relaxing and cool water.

Its a perfect fit for a gateway or guilt trip, giving you peace and tranquility. Away from city stress, making your day a hassle free.

If wish to make some inquiries, please go directly to their Facebook Page.

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Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu Tourist Spots

Oslob is located at the Southern part of Cebu. And, to get there, you can either take a bus, a van or you could just bring your own transportation, whichevers comfortable and affordable that suits your budget.

Oslob is one of the top places that is a must go-to Cebu tourist destinations. One thing that Oslob is famous for is the whale shark watching wherein you can take a swim to see up close of the whale shark.

Whale shark watching is not the only thing you can do in Oslob. There are also a lot of activities and things you can go around and or near Oslob like diving, snorkeling, falls, etc.

If you’re thinking of staying for a couple of days and worrying about a place to stay, you shouldn’t. There are actually plenty of affordable hotels, motels and pension houses you can stay nearby.

Now, since the government already put Cebu province to Modified General Community Quarantine, easing some restrictions to open up tourism so Cebu’s economy can move forward. I can say we are surely and slowly moving to the new normal wherein though there are still few set of restrictions and policies in place to insure everyone’s safety.

How to get there? How much does it cost?

➡️ From South Bus Terminal to Oslob – Php155.00

– Drop off, Brgy. Tan-awan

– Travel time | 3 hours

➡️ Whale watching

Local tourists

– In the boat only, no swimming + life jacket – Php300.00

– Snorkeling with the Whale Shark + Life JacketPhp500.00

Foreign tourists

– Snorkeling with the Whale Shark + Life Jacket – Php1,000.00

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Few of the listed prices above aren’t updated. I/ONSPOT doesn’t have any knowledge of any new updates regarding with the prices. If you have any complaints and comments please message me on my Facebook Page or email me at

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Location: Oslob, Cebu
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