The Division Of Classes

People has always something to say whether you’re doing good or bad. All lives matter, no matter what race, ethnic, class and religion you are in. The only thing that divides us is the social status that is used for basis to discriminate others with haves and not.

The World Today With Coronavirus

During this time of crisis, we realize what’s important and what’s not. Life is short and time is our most common enemy. Now, coronavirus has taken its great toll of deaths across the world, we struggle and fight to survive. What would be the outcome? Will people change or continue to be selfish for their own interests.

What Is Life? | Definition Of Death

We’ve all been there, the point where we ask our very existence. What is life? And, what’s my purpose? Now, the real question, is life worth it when stupidity overtakes humanity? Creating chaos. Is it worth it?

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