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Top 10 Cebu Tourist Destinations

Come and enjoy Cebu that awaits you with many best places to go and top tourist destinations you don’t wanna miss. Find out what are these Top 10 Cebu Tourist Destinations.

Top 10 Places Worth To Visit In Philippines

Philippines is one of the most visited country every year due to its beautiful vacation spots. It is a must add to your bucket lists. TOP 10 PLACES WORTH TO VISIT IN PHILIPPINES.


Oslob Whale Shark | Cebu Tourist Spots

Oslob is one of the top places that is a must go-to Cebu tourist destinations. One thing that Oslob is famous for is the whale shark watching wherein you can take a swim to see up close of the whale shark. Oslob is located at the Southern part of Cebu. And, to get there, you can either take a bus, a van or you could just bring your own transportation, whichevers comfortable and affordable that suits your budget.

Lambug White Beach Badian In Southern Cebu

Lambug White Beach is located at Southern part of Cebu. It is one of the beautiful beaches in Cebu with obviously a white fine sand. It is one of many beaches in Cebu that is visited by tourists especially during summer. There are a lot of beach resorts nearby that is in between costly and affordable. But, one thing I can tell is you definitely shouldn’t miss this, a conserved Cebu tourist spots.

La Vue Cabine

Other way of an ideal getaway is a nice cold and relaxing mountain view with a pool. Now, if you aren’t thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re missing something big. So, what could there be other things can make you more relaxed than a mountain view?

Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden

What is the ideal spot? A place with sunset? Can be…. A place with a view of the mountains? Maybe? A place with a pool? Could be… Then what is it really? The ideal place perfect for any trips, where is affordable, a sunset view, a mountain view and a pool like what you’re currently seeing.

Kinatarcan Island

If you wanna take a break from your daily stressful city life. And, perhaps you wanna feel the freshly breeze in the morning while looking at the gentle sea waving and waiting for your “deeply” return. I just got the right remedy for you.